Environmental & Occupational Safety

As Ayfar Automotive, ‘’Our Environment Policy’’ is; to obey all laws and regulations in order to protect our environment; prevent any negative effects that may arise from our manufacturing activities; continuously improve our environmental performance and leave a livable, clean environment to our next generations. We conduct activities to minimize natural resource and energy consumption, prevent soil, weather and water pollution and recycle the wastes at a maximum level with environment friendly approach and we establish the necessary physical infrastructure for these activities.

Our company has started ISO 14001 Environment Management System studies as of 2013 and within this scope; it has started to include environment friendly applications.

The main principles composing environment policy of Ayfar Automotive are:

  • Taking proactive measurements in all activities to prevent weather, water and soil pollution
  • Conduct studies to enable continuous improvement and development in environment activities
  • Comply to environment obligations of enforced national and international legal provisions and other provisions
  • Use technologies that give the lowest damage to the environment within technical and economical capabilities; minimize raw material usage; enable
    protection of natural resources.
  • Consider environmental effects during plant and process design;
  • Improve environment management system in order to continuously develop environmental performance
  • Decrease the wastes that may arise as a result of production, transfer, stocking, operating, treating and maintaining activities and asses
    recycle and reassessment alternatives
  • Pre-detect the effects that may cause environment accidents and take the necessary precautions in time
  • Always raise awareness of our employees and suppliers about environment safety with information flow and trainings.


Work Health and Safety Policy

Measurements and applications of work health and safety are accepted as indispensable element of manufacturing process in Ayfar Automotive. Our company aims zero accident workplace within OHSAS 18001 Labor Health and Work Safety standards, with a Proactive approach (preventing accidents before they occur) by establishing an audit system to prevent work accidents and work diseases. Within this scope, as of 2013 OHSAS 18001 certifications studies are started and certification process is aimed to be completed within year of 2014.

The principles of our company decided within the direction of this goal are listed below:

  • Conduct audits and detects regarding work health and safety intact and in time
  • Remove the deficiencies detected at the end of audit intact and in time
  • Raise awareness of our employees in the subjects of work health and safety
  • Besides work health and safety legislation in force, comply to standards stipulated by authorized organizations
  • Enable pre-detection of risks with regular analyses and analyses

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